Introverts: 6 essential links for self-exploration

Honestly, I can’t remember when it happened, but there was a moment, a day, a snack break, some point in time, when I understood that I wasn’t broken.  That my desire for regular solitude and recharging wasn’t abnormal.  And not only that, I realized that I was something special:  an introvert.

After that came the research, the reading, the celebratory pocket full of Oreos.  I know, get on with it.

OK, the 6 must-read articles for all introverts…

Links to great places to learn about what introversion is, and isn’t.

  1. The first hurdle to understanding is reconciling the difference between introversion, shyness and social-phobia. Here is a quick read from Introvert Retreat that does a fantastic job of washing that window.
  2. In the same vein, here are the FAQ from Introvert Retreat which continues the discussion.
  3. Susan Cain started the Quiet revolution with her book of the same name. Here is a quiz at her site that can help you decide whether or not you are an introvert.  By the way, I also searched the site high and low for information on how to invite Susan to my birthday party.  Nothing.   Regardless, in addition to the quiz, the site has tons of information to learn more about yourself.

OK, I understand introversion better.   Now what?

  1. Michaela Chung’s site Introvert Spring overflows with advice to help introverts lead a more fulfilling life. She also offers one-on-one life counseling.  Check it out here.
  2. Brenda Knowles, the brains and soul behind space2live put together a wonderful year-in-review chronicling what she learned in 2014.  Brenda’s site focuses on introverts and their relationships, and she teaches, informs and entertains in the first person.  You’ll immediately appreciate how she lets you in to her world.
  3. If you’ve made it this far into this article, you must get over to Jenn Granneman’s site Introvert, Dear.  Here are her hopes for 2015.  When you’re done with that, bang around her site.  You won’t be sorry.  Unless it makes you late for Pilates.

Hey bro, I wanna, like, do some writing… (bonus link!)

That sounds like a great idea.  Perhaps you want to express your own feelings or experiences regarding introversion. Or, you’re an introvert, and you’re dying to talk about the plight of the Light-Mantled Albatross, or explain baseball’s Infield-Fly Rule, or tell the story of how you once saved an entire shipment of instant mashed potatoes from accidental delivery to Yankee Stadium, but you never had a venue in which to do it…

Have I got the place for you.  This site (and I do mean this site), welcomes any and all guest posts (topics within reason, of course).  Check it out, introverts (and non-introverts), and get writing…

Anything to add?

Have any great articles or sites you’d like to add?  Please comment below.





  1. Susan Cain said:

    Happiest birthday to you, John Lindholm!

    January 14, 2015
    • JELindholm JELindholm said:

      No….. Way….. I am NEVER washing this comment box again!

      {Clears throat} Why, thank you Susan. I truly appreciate that.

      {Turns to e-friends} Hey everybody, Susan Cain is my new buddy!!!!!

      January 14, 2015
  2. Thank you for including me in your post! What a great resource. I love everyone mentioned, so insightful. Introverts unite.:)

    January 6, 2015
    • JELindholm JELindholm said:

      Absolutely Brenda, thanks for all you do!!

      January 6, 2015

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