Introversion Strikes Again

Inward-Facing Writers has been quiet with only one post in 2016. Below is another…But before I get into it, please know that I am working on a lengthy article about introversion, video games and worlds of our own creation. Should be fun. The story starts in the early 1980s in a finished basement in New Jersey with an introvert who didn’t know he was an introvert…

I wanted to get the juices flowing again (and by juices, I mean site traffic), so I thought I would offer up some of my favorite Inward-Facing Writers pieces OF ALL TIME! My gosh, introverts all around the world just made a joyous noise that nobody else heard.

Inward-Facing Fictoir

Probably my favorite category. If you’re unfamiliar, fictoir is a portmanteau of fiction and memoir. If you’re not familiar with the term portmanteau, then look it up. You’re on the interweb–on second thought, don’t look it up, just in case I’ve used it incorrectly.

Regardless, below are links to some of my favorite pieces that were born out of real life situations, and embellished just a bit for the sake of good story telling. Whether you are lightly seasoned with introversion or heavily basted with inward-facing tendencies, you’ll find a little bit of yourself in these posts.

Ever have guests that just wouldn’t leave? Yeah, but did they arrive with bananas? Here is my story.

Ever notice how that endless string of endless summer days ends? Yeah, me too.

Inward-Facing Fiction

I went on a fiction bender in the first month of 2015 when I was doing the Sark eMedia 30-day blogging challenge.

I was challenged to write a short story with a paper clip at its center. “The Middle” is what I ended up with.

Is it time to hang it up? Not if “The Unge” has anything to say about it.

A bossy calendar. “1998.” A look to the past? Nope.

Inward-Facing Introversion

So I’m afraid of the dark. Don’t you have any irrational fears?

Schools, and society for the most part, are made for extroverts. So here are two posts worth of hacks to help make introversion welcome at the cool-kid table—Well, on second thought… Part 1Part2

Inward-Facing Commentary

A trip to the beach with my daughters’ volleyball team highlighted some petty fears (wait, more fear?) I have. And that reflection pushed me to a better understanding of some legitimate fears many people have, and the extent of my own privilege.

Your turn…

I would appreciate it if you would read one or more of the posts above, or any of my posts, and share it with somebody you think might be able to benefit from it. Or share on one of your favorite social media.

Have an idea for an Inward-Facing Writer blog post or a topic you’d like me to write about? Let me know!!


  1. Ivan Jordon said:

    Hope to read more of your blog in coming days. Chao!

    December 2, 2016
  2. Bo jones said:

    Are the memoirs from a Finished NJ basement going to be sfw???

    May 4, 2016
    • JELindholm JELindholm said:

      Well, Bo, that was 1982…when I was 10, so I’m gonna say yes.

      May 6, 2016

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