Stream of Consciousness About Anxiety

I sent this article to a few people whose anxiety-ridden brains work like the author’s, Holly Riordan And also like mine. They all said the same thing: Wow.

Wow, as in, that post was drained right from my brain. Social anxiety described perfectly.

If you found my site, you’ll be interested in reading this. A quick and compelling read.

Here are the first two paragraphs:

I hate how much trouble I have talking to people. I hate how uncomfortable I feel in social situations. I hate how I constantly feel like I don’t belong.

I hate how long I focus on my mistakes — even if they aren’t major. How long I think about the joke I told that no one laughed at. How long I think about the stupid text I sent that wasn’t interesting enough to earn a response. How long I think about the way I stuttered when I spoke to someone I wanted to impress.


So, does this describe how anxiety feels to you?

Does this resonate? Or is your personal experience different? Let us know below in the comments.

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