Introvert Retreat

Just a fantastic site all-around.  A great place to start, finish, middle… I’ve added two specific links that I think might be of interest.

          Introvert?  Shy?  Or Socially Awkward?

          Routinely Queried Inquiries


The Power of Introverts, the Quiet Revolution

Like, Susan Cain, y’all #nahmean?   No?  Then you better click the link.

Introvert, Dear

You know the old infomercial cliché, “But wait, there’s more?”  Perfect description for Jenn Granneman’s site.  Her articles are awesome, but there are also videos, quotes, and pages on wellness, relationships, career…  Get the idea?



Brenda Knowles’ site with great stories and reflections for those who “process and absorb life deeply.”



Another fab site.  I will let this quote from the about page do its talking:  “I started this site because the word introvert is still being equated with shy and we are still being told “you’re too quiet.” This needs to be cleared up, and we need to be loud about it.”

Michaela Chung offers 1-on-1 mentoring for introverts, great writing in her blog, and many other resources for introverts.  A must-see site.

Conscious Introvert Success

Another fantastic website with lots of great tips to help introverts lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


The Elephant Journal

A website “dedicated to the mindful life.”


Tamisha Ford

Tamisha’s site is inspirational.  Start at her “about” page and you’ll be off and running.




more to come…


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