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Inward-Facing Writers has been quiet with only one post in 2016. Below is another…But before I get into it, please know that I am working on a lengthy article about … Read more…


You sit for seven minutes, staring at the screen.  Then five words escape from your fingers.

But they suck.  Highlight, delete.

Oh no wait, you type:  wordswordswordswordswords

Nope: BackspaceBackspaceBackspaceBackspaceBackspaceBackspaceBackspaceBackspaceBackspace

It’s the New Writer ChaCha.  Above are the steps:  Two forward, one back.  One forward, two back.  Spin in your chair.  Leave the area.  Nothing written.

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Just heard a song at the supermarket… reminded me of a denim jacket I had, circa 1988… I appreciate the fact that you are all envisioning a rugged, cowboyed-up Levis … Read more…